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San Francisco

San Francisco

Every ten years San Francisco reinvents itself. From The Gold Rush, to liberation in The Summer of Love, to Silicon Valley, this place has deep pride. The best way to see this town is to walk it. It's only 7 miles by 7 miles. A lot of bar crawls and bar themes go on. You can get good photos of the Golden Gate bridge at Baker Beach. People in SF take their burritos seriously, and there is a rivalry about Cali Mex vs Tex Mex. Also, don't say "San Fran" or "Frisco" to a local. They sneer at that. Just call the city The City or San Francisco. "When the lights, go down, in the city..."(Journey hit song). Let's go 49ers! Here is where you can grab a cold brew in town:


Cellarmaker Brewing Co.

San Francisco Brewing



Holycraft Brewery

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