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"I been to Phoenix, Arizona all the way to....Keep on a rockin' me ba-by." Phoenix is in the Sonoran desert, not the Sahara desert. Also, no you cannot cut down that Saguaro Cactus, put down the axe, it's illegal. Phoenix is a hops haven, as the fifth largest city in the nation. The area features championship golf courses, resorts, and now for other fun stuff. Things to do: hiking trails, kayaking at Tempe Town Lake, seeing the Desert Botanical Garden, and taking in views from Camelback Mountain. This is the sunniest state, and jaguars actually live up in the mountains. The Miranda rights began here so you have the right to remain relaxed, with a cold beer at these places:


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Scottsdale doesn't observe Daylight's Savings Time, and the official food is chili. Don't be alarmed! The firetrucks are chartreuse in color (yellow-green) and artists abound here. This is the "West's Most Western Town!" That is why, no lie, Scottsdale even has a Cowboy College. At this college, you can learn to work on a ranch, ride a horse, and read livestock behavior. "Did that cow just flinch and give me a dirty look, or what?!" On the flip side, Scottsdale is typically known for its fine resorts and spas, elegant dining, shopping, art galleries, designer golf courses, and country club living. The outdoor adventures include: McDowell Sonoran Preserve, and taking in views at Pinnacle Peak and the Valley. There is also kayaking, river rafting, or paddle boarding on the Salt River. Grab any kind of cold beer in town here:


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Flagstaff Arizona, don't forget Winona (song "Rte 66" oh yeah). If you want a view, Ponderosa or Mingus Mt is where to see it in Flagstaff. Route 66 connects all highways in this town. This city is collegiate, and they love their beer places.


Sedona? Well alright, let's go! Take Rte 89A and just 24 miles away, whoa! Majestic, Red Rocks jutting into the sky with panoramic beauty. These vistas make you feel like you're in a Wild West movie. People speak of "vortexes" (places of energy) here, yet relax, it's a vibe thing. I personally didn't feel this at all, yet my family tells me that I was speeding up the trails? This town is a mix of touristy and artsy. Hike the red rocks, visit Native American ruins (Dry Creek Rd), or hang out by some cold rivers for splashing around. Stargazing is a must. Brew places are:


Flagstaff & Sedona

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